Windjammer People (B)
Kim & Jenny showing off in St. Martin Stacy & on the Yankee Clipper The Phili gang on the Yankee Clipper Lee! What I call my glamor shot!!
Lee & Susy on the Polynesia Lee, (that is my sly dog look) Andrea & Rachael at Brimstone Hill in St. Kitts This is a Dutch hitchiker I picked up in St. Barts
Rick, Danielle, Andrea, a guy, Steve, Sticks, Rachael & Carol eating Lobster at Sunshines on Nevis Lee, Kim, Rick & Susy in front of Sunshines beachbar on Nevis Susy, Lee & Jenny on the Polynesia Susy & Rick at Sunshines. Popular place!!
Carol, Lee & Maureen on the Polynesia The Phili-Delaware gang!! Helping steer the Yankee Clipper Lee, making sure the Yankee Clipper Arrives on Grenada safely!! Susie & Captain Max on the Flying Cloud

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